Sustainable Cryptocurrency Profits, Meet Our Partners!

Written by Aidan Parr

On 20th November 2019
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Over the years, we have been fortunate to work alongside some great teams on other Cryptocurrency platforms. We’re excited to be a part of this future technology, 100% behind the blockchain, and here to help guide you to financial freedom through tactical choices and sustainable cryptocurrency profits.  

Arbistar – Automated Arbitrage Bots

By far our best performing partner over the past few years has been Arbistar and their exceptional arbitrage trading bots. Their growth over the past year has been astronomical. Having gone from beta testing a small personal bot that made trades on exchanges to their community shared bot and over six new personal bot products to choose from.

How does Arbistar work?

Automated Arbitrage is where you take advantage of price differences of an asset (e.g Bitcoin) over multiple exchanges. For example if the price of Bitcoin on Coinbase was £6,000 but on Binance it costs £5,960, then Arbistars automated arbitrage bots would take advantage and sell on Coinbase and buy on Binance. 

The community bot is a shared platform where you contribute to the pool and you receive ROI in proportion to your contribution. You do not need to have exchange accounts to use the community bot. 

Personal bots are where the automated arbitrage trading bots link to up to 13 exchanges via API. They perform the trades within your accounts, meaning you are in full control of your funding (the API allows the bot to operate but now withdraw). 

What are the benefits of Arbistar? 

  • Automatic payouts to your wallet
  • 0.7% Per day on average ROI
  • Withdraw your seed contribution any time
  • Auto Compounding Option
  • 2 Factor Authentication

If this is your first time hearing about Arbistar, then you should take a good look at the success and the future outlook of this very transparent company. With offices in the centre of Paris, France, which you are free to visit at any time, you can be assured your investments are in good hands.

To get started with Arbistar, register here. Keep in mind that they use Bitpay, which only accepts specific Bitcoin wallets that are considered safest. We suggest you download the app 

Beneshield Financial

Are you a resident of the USA? Are you struggling to get funding to invest where you’d like to? Get in touch with Beneshield today to see if you’re eligible for financing through a top firm in the states.

Chinese Mining Farm

Our China Mining Partner provides us with the infrastructure that allows us to provide high quality, low-cost mining rigs. Each machine is set up and maintained in one of their many mining farms around the world, ensuring 100% uptime and hassle-free mining for everyone.

Are you interested in starting your own mining operation without worrying about energy costs and hardware maintenance? Head over to our shop to see our range of mining products on offer. You can find out more information about how we operate in our blog post “How to get started with Shared Cryptocurrency Mining“.

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