Mining Pool

Join our mining pool

You can join our mining pool without purchasing a machine of your own. Our well structured plan is based on the lifetime of a mining rig which is on average 3 years.

We offer up to a very generous 5% per month and 60% per year (max) with our mining pool plan. You will receive ROI in proportion to our private mining activities that Promine Technologies Limited invest in. You will be grouped with other committed members in which we will acquire, setup and maintain mining machines on your behalf, paying you on the first of every month. Each member of that pool will receive a link to the stats page for the machine they part-own.


Minimum Deposit:£10
Maximum Deposit:£1000
Length of Contract:1000 Days
Expected ROI:Up to 5% p/m 60% p/y (max)
Refund Period:7 Days

Get Started

Please contact your up-line for their referral link. If you have no up-line then click the button below.


Promine Technologies Limited cannot guarantee profits consistently. Income depends on many factors including; power bills, market changes, mining pool difficulty and many other aspects. We expect to always be in profit every month however the returns can fluctuate each time. Refunds can be claimed within 7 days of purchase as after 7 days the deposit will be locked in to a purchase of a machine.