Teaming with the best

Promine technologies is a team of crypto currency enthusiasts from all walks of life who have chosen cryptocurrency mining as the back bone of there business, their aim is to  deliver it to the masses via a very unique business plan.

Promine technologies head office is situated in Liverpool England and has secured partnerships in China, America, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the UK.It was founded by Aidan Parr in early 2018 when he discovered the potential that cryptocurrencies could have on the world. Promine Technologies partners have over 10 years experience in the cryptocurrency market silicon including chip and electronics manufacturing.

Promine technologies’s main effort is to introduce crypto currencies to the world and further aid the adoption for future growth. 

Promine Technologies offer a fully comprehensive hosting service along side there partners who designed manufacturer and sell ASIC mining rigs. ASIC stands for” application specific integrated circuit ” this means for example a machine designed to mine bitcoin is specifically designed to only mine bitcoin very effectively